About PNMC
Charter School

The Pennsylvania Nurses Middle College (PNMC) Charter School (Under Development) will be a preparatory charter high school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a viable school-to-career pathway, PNMC (Under Development) will educate the next generation of nurses while (1) increasing diversity in the profession and (2) ensuring a sufficient nurse workforce to meet population demands. Students will find a unique and stimulating learning environment through PNMC (Under Development).

The Vision

Our vision is to create a unique, inspired, and supportive secondary public-school experience where students will attain a quality high school-to professional nursing/healthcare career education.

We will offer:

Dual enrollment in area colleges and universities; coursework transferrable toward baccalaureate degree, reducing the cost of college tuition.

Hands-on learning experiences, summer employment and paid internships in healthcare settings.

Industry-recognized certifications in First Aid and CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).

Option for PNMC Charter School (Under Development) parents to pursue CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification.

A pathway to postsecondary success and high-paying and rewarding careers in nursing in/near students’ hometown after graduation.

The Mission

The ultimate goal of PNMC (Under Development) is to assist a diverse student population to master the essential academic, social and emotional knowledge and skills necessary for entrance into postsecondary professional baccalaureate nursing education and healthcare career.

Grades 9-12.

PNMC (Under Development) is a middle college charter high school serving students in grades 9-12.

Tuition Free.

An open-enrollment, regional charter school open to any Dauphin County high school student tuition-free.


A STEM school with an integrated curriculum focused on nursing theories, processes, concepts and workforce development.

The Challenge

The U.S. Department of Labor projects an ongoing nationwide shortage of registered nurses. As Baby Boomers retire and age, the demand for talent in healthcare services is projected to increase exponentially within the next 30 years. Our Challenge: The current nursing workforce does not reflect our nation’s increasingly diverse population. This poses a barrier to quality patient care among high need communities.

PNMC’s (Under Development) goal will be to increase diversity within the nursing profession by establishing a school-to-college-to-career pathway for Harrisburg-area students.

The Solution

To solve these challenges, we propose to establish the Pennsylvania Nurses Middle College (PNMC) Charter School (Under Development). The PNMC (Under Development) will ensure a pipeline of student nurses who are representative of the community at-large.

Why is PNMC a Solution?

PNMC (Under Development) will provide students with a clear pathway from high school to college to a high-paying and rewarding career in nursing. At PNMC (Under Development), college readiness and preparation will begin during ninth grade. This will increase the likelihood of college admission, students’ acquisition of four-year college degrees and their options for long-term career achievement and advancement.

Harrisburg and surrounding communities will benefit from the establishment of PNMC (Under Development). Our graduates will constitute well-educated, young and locally-based talent, ensuring a viable and sustainable pool of nurses to meet the healthcare needs of the Harrisburg community.

Why Choose Harrisburg?

Data from a 2017 survey reports that just 10% of Pennsylvania’s registered nurses represent minority backgrounds. 70% of Harrisburg residents are minority, thus creating an enormous demand for increased diversity within the local nursing workforce.

African American

Latin American



Harrisburg Population
Suburban Statistics 2019

PA Nursing Population
National Council State Boards of Nursing 2017

Why Attend?

The main reason for attending PNMC (Under Development) is your interest in joining the nursing profession. Students will begin a path to success in a high-paying, rewarding career in nursing. Students will experience hands-on education, including CPR, first aid instruction, and certified nursing assistant training. Students will learn in a college environment while in high school. Students will obtain college credits toward a baccalaureate degree in nursing while saving money on college tuition. Students will develop critical thinking and communication skills. Students will be able to obtain summer internships and employment. Parents will be offered opportunities to take evening classes and obtain a certified nursing assistant certificate.

PNMC Charter School (Under Development) Survey and Petition

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Our goal will be to increase diversity within the nursing profession by establishing a school-to-college-to-career pathway for Harrisburg-area students. Please take a moment to provide your feedback in shaping our proposed new charter high school.

Get Involved Today

The Pennsylvania Nurses Middle College (PNMC) Charter School (Under Development) is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2020. For more information, send us a message or contact Betsy Snook at [email protected] or 717-798-8780.